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Sky-watcher Dobson 6'' Classic

Dobson 6''


Item description


This Dobsonian has a diameter of 150 mm (6") and a focal length of 1200mm, giving an aperture ratio of f8. Such optics offer a respectable light gathering capacity of 460X, and you will hence be able to observe stars down to 12th magnitude under a reasonably dark sky. The 150mm aperture means you will also be able to see the brightest deep-sky objects, which is something not possible with smaller instruments. The secondary mirror spider is very thin, thus reducing diffraction. The obstruction of the optics due to the secondary mirror is 34.5 mm in diameter, or approximately 22.5%.

The Skywatcher rocker box is very easy to use. The telescope can be pointed in azimuth and altitude easily and smoothly by using only a couple of fingers. The telescope moves on slide and pivot bearings. It remains stable in any position, allowing highly enjoyable observing. And observing still remains a joy even at higher magnifications. The Tension Control System also lets you easily adjust the friction setting and so the amount of resistance when moving the optics on the rocker box. This allows you to always have the appropriate resistance set.

This telescope is ideal for beginners in astronomical observation and learn to locate objects in the sky.

Its lens are good for watching deep sky objects, the Orion Nebula (M42), the globular cluster M13 or M81 and M82 galaxies can be observed. At high magnification, also show good planetary images: the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be unforgettable for you.




  •     - Dobsonian telescope, 153 mm diameter. 1200mm focal distance.
  •     - Dobsonian melamine mount.
  •     - 6x30 Searcher.
  •     - With eyepieces Ø 1 ¼" de S-10mm y S-25 mm.





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